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Damia Multicolored Sofa-Bed
Want to make your apartment look unique and creative regardless of its size? Think outside the box with this amazing Damia Multicolored Sofa Bed. Enjoy watching movies, playing games or lazing around with your friends or roomates on this sofa during the day and embrace your sweet dreams at night, by converting this nice, black and blue piece of furniture into a comfortable and roomy bed. The Damia Multicolored Sofa Bed is a really great finding for those, who seek style and originality at affordable price.
1 009 AED
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Bahama Brick Sofa-Bed
The juicy red color of this compact sofa will truly enrich your interior! The tuffed three-seat-sofa made of fine microfiber, durable metal and plywood is a trend among studio and tiny apartment owners. Clean design and comfortable size allow the Bahama Brick Sofa Bed to become a functional and important piece of your living space. Great for leisure, perfect for sleep, the Bahama Brick Sofa Bed is the perfect and affordable purchase you will never regret!
729 AED
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Calypso Gray Sofa Bed
Sophisticated gray color goes incredibly well with white, black and red patterns, offering you a wide range of clever design solutions or brave experiments. After all, by purchasing the Calypso Gray Sofa Bed, you deal with your space-saving and comfort problems once and for all. Now you can think about individualizing or refreshing your interior! The roomy sofa has three seats and provides enough space for hanging out with friends. At night, the Calypso Gray Sofa Bed will be your perfect spot for sound and cozy sleep.
668 AED
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Bahama Creme Sofa Bed
Add some softness to the interior of your studio or one bedroom apartment with the Bahama Creme Sofa Bed. Pastel creme color will gently accentuate darker color schemes of your room or complement light colors. Crafted of eco-friendly and high-quality materials, this pretty sofa will be a functional decoration for your living space for a long time.
729 AED
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Tehura Black Sofa-Bed
In spite of its rather simple design, the Tehura Black Sofa Bed is a great complement to your living space. Whether you are looking for a sofa/bed for your studio or need a functional piece of furniture for your apartment, this sofa bed may be the best choice for you. Durable and steady due to its solid frame and extremely comfortable due to the high quality polyester it is made of, the Tehura Black Sofa Bed won't clash with your chosen interior. Quite in the opposite, it can perfectly complement it, providing you with a space for rest and bringing extra aesthetic to your room.
427 AED
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Osaka Beige Sofa Bed
The Osaka Beige Sofa Bed brings a classic note of French sophistication to any apartment. Light beige color and soft shape invite you to take a seat and relax. The sofa is made of natural, eco-friendly materials, guaranteeing you the longevity and durability of this elegant piece. Enjoy comfort and luxury of the Osaka Beige Sofa Bed anytime and let it turn your studio into a palace of style!
741 AED
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Goods 1 - 6 on 6
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Wide selection of ottomans at D ubai Furniture Direct

Dubai Furniture Direct is happy to offer you a large selection of ottomans. Known for their multifunctionality, ottomans can not only complement your sofa, but be a true focal point of your living-room.

Originally coming from Turkey, the country that knows a lot about exquisiteness and shows discrimination in proper rest, ottomans will definitely tell others a lot about your life style and your design skills. Often an essential asset to your sofa, ottomans nevertheless steal the show in many homes.


There are several ways people use ottomans for:

  • - They are commonly known as a footrest;
  • - They often replace coffee tables;
  • - They are used as additional seating;
  • - They are used as a storage place for small items like remote controls, toys, keys, etc.


In the course of the centuries ottomans have changed a lot, and nowadays they can have several different appearances. Some ottomans look like a small couch with either puffy cushions serving as a back-rest, or with a single back-rest at the headboard, or with no back-rest at all.

Sometimes it even happens that modern ottomans have nothing in common with early examples from the 18-th century when they first appeared.
In its classic drawing-room version, an ottoman’s case is made of fine wood while the item itself is padded with luxurious carpets, leather or ornamental drapery. Modern versions tend to be more sectional, and these sectional systems leave plenty of room for experiment.

With enough fantasy a regular sofa can turn into a corner sofa with an ottoman or several armchairs with footrests. Or you can make additional sleeping areas or create some funky environment in the living room.

Other ideas

It often happens that sofa in the living-room is reserved for the adults, while children get left sitting on the floor. Why not use ottomans as a place for kids? They can have a separate place to sit when they are joining in on a family get-together, or have friends over.


Choosing the right ottoman

When choosing your ottoman, pay extra attention to the size and functionality of the room you want to place it in.
Think about the upholstery. If you plan to use your new purchase often, it makes sense to choose something water-proof and that can be cleaned easily.
If possible, try to sit or lie on the item you like. You can’t do that when shopping online via Dubai Furniture Direct store of course, but one thing you can be sure is that our managers will consult you, bringing your attention to every essential detail.